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Let the experienced team at Nations Realty provide you with a complete real estate experience, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Our history of dedication and integrity has given us countless clients who are happy to refer us, and we strive to do everything possible to continue this trend.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our agents, please don't hesitate to contact us.

As Your Buyer’s Agent, We Will:

  • Discuss property selection criteria
  • Make recommendations based on your needs
  • Show you properties that meet your unique criteria
  • Find hidden bargains by identifying homes with the potential for a favorable price and term negotiations
  • Describe the amenities and attributes of properties and provide suggestions to make them more suitable for your needs
  • Discuss negative aspects of each property and identify features that may contribute to diminish their value
  • Disclose material facts that adversely affect the property
  • Make recommendations about potential offers
  • Discuss and prepare offers that fit your negotiation strategy
  • Represent and negotiate in your best interest
  • Provide information about sources of financing
  • Discuss financing alternatives and make useful recommendations
  • Supply you with all known information about the seller
  • Maintain your confidentiality
  • Monitor and facilitate the financing and closing processes
  • Communicate with buyers and sellers in an ethical and professional manner
  • Provide transaction updates when necessary
  • Keep in contact with you on a daily or weekly basis, even after a transaction is complete

Finding the Perfect Home

Depending on your specific buying plan, we’ll look at properties as often as necessary. Nations Realty will try to include several homes for you to compare on every tour. Normally, your agent will hand-select properties that suit your unique wants, needs, and price range. Occasionally, an agent may ask your permission to show you a home that doesn’t fit your search criteria. Homes in this category are brought to your attention because of their condition, price, or selling term. It’s possible to find fantastic opportunities in places where you may not have previously considered. Nations Realty will not show you homes that are unaffordable or inappropriate for your unique needs.

Are You Interested in an FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) House?

If you find an FSBO property on the street or in a newspaper, Nations Realty can help you! Contact us with the address and phone number. It’s imperative to have an experienced agent on your side when you’re interested in an FSBO property.

Most owners want top dollar for their homes. However, all types of variables are taken into account. Don’t buy a house unless a professional market analysis has been performed by a skilled real estate agent. Additionally, our brokers know how to assemble all necessary legal forms.

Your FREE Homebuyer’s Consultation

Your working relationship with Nations Realty begins with an in-depth consultation where we can determine your housing wants, needs, and desires. One of our knowledgeable agents will help you identify the features that are essential to you as well as items that you would consider bonuses. This information gives us a great deal of insight as we begin your search. We’ll pay careful attention to your wish list when selecting properties for you to see.

Our Buyer Agency Agreement

Our working relationship is governed by the buyer agency agreement. This document defines the terms and conditions of our relationship by spelling out our obligations, your responsibilities, and how the agency will be compensated for our services. In this agreement, you’ll have the option to let us represent you in any real estate transaction that happens during the term of our relationship. An alternative option is to only permit Nations Realty to represent you when purchasing a home that we’ve helped you find. This flexibility gives you the ability to mold our working relationship to perfectly suit your unique needs.

Advantages of Working With Nations Realty

  • Full-time management
  • In-depth training
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Ongoing training for management and staff